Pre-Evacuation - What to do RIGHT NOW!

  • Create a list of your important items ahead of time, and keep this in a handy and readily accessible place.

Medications and prescriptions

Pets with carriers, leashes and food

Prescription eye ware

Changes of clothing

Important documents: insurance policies, passports, financial papers, banking information, address or phone book of friends, insurance agencies, doctors, friends and family.


Cell phones

Family photos

  • Be familiar with BMFPDโ€™s Evacuation Map.
    Knowing where you are going and how to get there is critical when a fire is near.

Pine Brook Hills Evacuation Map

Boulder Heights Evacuation Map

  • Establish a meeting point outside of the BMFPD District where you and your family can meet.

  • Ensure your gutter and eves are clear of debris.

  • Ensure all flammables and combustibles have been removed from around you home.

  • Provide a defensible space around your home.


Why consider evacuation early?

Fires can spread rapidly under extreme fire conditions. It takes time to get evacuation information and notices out to affected areas. Our mountain roads can get jammed up with emergency responders coming in, and several hundred cars trying to get out all at once. Donโ€™t wait until the last minute!

We know you donโ€™t always want to leave your home, but it is for your own safety, and the safety of the emergency responders for you to do so. We live in an area with ample fuels and steep terrain which leads to extreme fire behavior. You can replace a home, but you canโ€™t replace a life.

if ordered to evacuate

  • Close all windows and doors

  • Close drapes or window coverings

  • Leave porch or lights on in the home

  • Have a ladder handy for fire fighters for roof access if needed

  • Leave hoses attached to outside faucets

  • Make water sources such as pools, and cisterns available for firefighters

  • Leave doors unlocked to allow firefighters to check homes for any possible fire

  • Do not block driveways with vehicles. Fire apparatus may need to access the driveways