Daylight Savings Time

The beginning of Daylight Savings Time is a good reminder to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and gas detectors. Press the “test” button to make sure they are working. Really, you should replace batteries whenever you hear them “chirp”, but if someone forgot to do that, then test them now. Also keep in mind that detectors have a limited lifetime, and they need to be completely replaced according to manufacturer's recommendations (usually every 5 - 10 years).

Paradise Lost

You’ve all heard about the devastating wildfires in California recently. This article highlights the importance of rapid and early evacuation procedures. Of course, in some situations there is simply nothing you can do to stop Mother Nature. At BMFPD we plan how to evacuate citizens, and work year-round on wildfire mitigation so we can reduce or minimize these terrible emergencies, or at least buy some time when conditions are very extreme.

Make sure you sign up through the county to receive Reverse-911 notifications on your cell phones.

LA Times Article