Urgent Notifications System

Boulder Mountain Fire has created a new email notification system that is used to communicate emergency messages and important safety information. This is a one-way notification system for BMFPD to communicate vital community safety information, not a discussion forum.

Subscribing to this service is voluntary, but you are strongly encouraged to sign up so we can deliver important safety information to you. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Examples of "Important Safety Information"

  • Major incident status updates

  • Days with very high wildfire danger (Red Flag)

  • Unusual traffic advisories arising from road closures, detours, water main projects

  • 4th of July patrols

To receive notifications most relevant to where you live, subscribe to the neighborhood group where you live. This will reduce the chance you will receive information that does not pertain to you.


  • This service is not a substitute or replacement for Reverse-911, which is a service of the Boulder County Sheriff. To sign up for Reverse-911 alerts, visit this link

  • Notifications sent to you by this system are generated by authorized BMFPD personnel only, on a best-efforts basis. It is only one of many ways you can be alerted, but no method is 100% reliable.

  • If you live near the boundary between two or more neighborhoods, you might consider subscribing to more than one group. If you do this you may receive multiple emails containing the same information

  • From time to time, a situation may dictate that BMFPD broadcast notifications to ALL groups simultaneously

  • This service is not affiliated with any of the HOAs or neighborhood groups.